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It rests on 13 acres of ground above the very center of hell

Last House On The Left
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Yesterday I noticed that I am one of the only two people who listed the film "The Last House on the Left" as an interest. This was a shock because the film is such a cult classic, Wes Cravens first movie, no less. This community is a wakeup call. Any fan of this movie should join. I'm not gonna talk about the plot here, because you should have already seen it, otherwise, go see it, then come back. This community is for people who truly know the definition of horror, for people who are fascinated by that gothic, macabre, otherworldy, but grisly charm of this genre. If you are truly a horror fan, join, most likely if you like it, you will have seen this movie and should join. If you haven't seen it but you want to, then join. But if you don't then you're not really a horror fan. tootles.

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